Taking a successful high street brand, and turning it into a direct consumer digital sales giant.



When we first met with Woowoo, they were looking for a digital marketing partner to help accelerate them to the next level. They were stocked in Superdrug, and performing well in high street stores. They knew they had a unique offering, but wanted to build their D2C offering to help grow the brand, reduce the margins being given away in retail, and take ownership of the online opportunity in their sector.



Over an 18 month period, we helped take the brand forward leaps and bounds via social media and Google ads, and email. Supporting them through developing their brand, and launching new products.

We successfully launched a holistic digital startegy that used multiple channels of acquisition, to rapidly grow the business, growing profits quickly.


“We didn't expect to see such a quick and immediate impact, but Adventure Digital have genuinely helped transform our online sales. We're now getting 10x as many daily sales, at 1/4 of our old CPA.” - Woowoo Founder, Lucy Anderson

Key results

  • 813% increase in monthly sales
  • 72% decrease in CPA
  • Directly attributable for 84% of D2C sales