Building the UK's fastest growing digital pharmacy



PillTime are an NHS online pharmacy, delivering patient prescriptions for free - sorted into clearly labelled, easy to open pouches through their use of innovative, super smart, super cool, robot technology. Basically, PillTime should be the new standard for prescription distribution.

When we first started working with PillTime in 2018, they were a fairly new proposition, and were looking for support to growth their customer base - whilst adhering to strict customer acquisition cost targets.



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Services we've supported PillTime with:

  • Meta Ads
  • Google Ads
  • SEO
  • Social Media Content
  • Digital Strategy & Consulting


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“Jon and the team at Adventure Digital were excellent in managing all of our digital marketing strategy and producing excellent customer sign up numbers whilst driving down the cost per acquisition. Would definitely recommend.” - PillTime CEO, Leighton Humphrey's

68% increase in user retention

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