Analytics and UX

Get a fresh set of eyes on your digital activity

Analytics and UX should drive your digital marketing efforts. We’re experienced in working out what your audience wants, and we’ve got the tools at our fingertips to support our recommendations.

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Google Analytics
what we do

Climb into the psyche of your audience

Your digital activity should centre around delivering an engaging and valuable audience experience. We’ll analyse your efforts and benchmark your activity against industry best practices to ensure your audience leaves with a great impression of your brand.

Honest & Transparent Marketing

Audience Analysis

Not sure who your golden cohort is? We’ll analyse your audience using native and external analytics tools, so you know exactly who’s spending time on your site.

Social Media Advertising

User Journey

The path your audience navigates on your website is imperative to conversions. Where do users enter the site? Where do they go next? We’ll analyse your most common user journeys and determine whether they support your goals.

Journey Mapping

Plan out the most direct route to conversions. We’ll help you plan a path that guides users through your sales funnel, engaging their senses all the while.

Marketing Reporting & Analytics

Engagement Analysis

Is your content hitting the mark? Content may be King, but engagement is the Throne. Content falls flat without engaged audiences to prop it up. We’ll use a range of tools to analyse the engagement metrics that matter, in an ever-changing social landscape.

Video Advertising

Paid Performance

If you’re already running paid ads and you need to decipher the metrics that really matter in your analytics, we’ll audit all your paid activity and identify areas of success and where you could spend money more wisely.

Digital Marketing For Growth Brands

See It For Yourself

We use cool tools that will allow you to see screen recorded video of users on your website, so you can see exactly how they interact with your site. We can also produce heat maps and scroll maps to quickly determine the areas most in need of focus.

IT can ALL be analysed

If it’s digital, we can dig into it.

Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s too hard to measure performance. Whether you’re using emails, paid ads or Instagram reels, there are tools to analyse the success of your activity. Work with us to define your goals and we’ll help you establish your key performance indicators.

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