How to Master Content Marketing

At Adventure Digital, we believe you should never underestimate the power of good content. On-brand content that speaks volumes, and connects with your target audience is what we’re all about!

At Adventure Digital, we believe you should never underestimate the power of good content. On-brand content that speaks volumes, and connects with your target audience is what we’re all about!

We’ve witnessed the benefits that producing valued content provides to businesses, and that's why we’re passionate about showing you that you can do it too!

Having a content marketing strategy can create a whole host of positive outcomes. Ensuring great design is included in this content is essential.

If you’re wondering how design could positively impact your businesses engagement levels and lead to more leads and sales, then fear not - we’re going to tell you.

How is creating content involved in marketing?

Content marketing is a type of marketing strategy that focuses on the creation and publishing of content suitable for a target audience,  then sharing this content via various distribution channels: your website, social media posts, videos, blogs, podcasts, and so on.

There is no escaping the need to produce content. It’s not enough to sell a great product or service anymore. It’s now an expected part of our society that businesses and brands need to give customers added value.

So, what do you need to think about when it comes to creating a content marketing plan?

Firstly, and most-importantly, as with any marketing strategy, you must know who your target audience is. This works best when you consider the specifics.

What are their personas (A.K.A a semi-fictional character created to represent your ideal target customer)?

Do you know how their incomes and behaviours affect their purchasing habits?

Think about the goals and objectives you want to meet, and how you can shape the content to do this.

Maybe you could do an audit of your current content, thinking about how it could be improved - you could do some research and ask outsiders to give an unbiased perspective.

But also monitor what has worked for you and what hasn’t. For instance, if your video and GIF’s perform better than your plain images, create more of those going forward to  enable you to show information in a creative way.

You must know what channels your target audience use i.e. if you have a corporate, professional business LinkedIn or Twitter could work best, or if you have a creative business Instagram and Pinterest may be the best methods to reach your audience effectively.

How does design impact the effectiveness of your content marketing?

Great design and content work together in harmony.

The design within your content needs to show your brand, appeal to the target audience and stand out from your competitors. So, it really is important.

Without design that works, you could end up damaging your brand. If you put out poor quality content, it could have you perceived as a low-quality business.

Taking the time to invest in your content and design will have positive effects.

Think of your favourite brands, have you recently purchased from them due to some content you’ve seen? You probably have, or if you haven’t, you can recall a time that you have.

So, what are the benefits?

The brand awareness

Content that is engaging has been proven to show significant improvements in terms of brand awareness.

Good content is a way of storytelling – it lets people know about you. The key is to have consistency. Keeping some aspects of the design similar across all channels, of course incorporating your logo, but also thinking about the font you use, and using a colour palette that is on-brand?

The added value

Sharing information with your customers in text form is fine. But if you want powerful content you need to rethink how you share it with your target audience.

Videos, GIF’s or infographics can be much more effective. They are more likely to be shared too – so you can maximise the potential audience.

Website designs are progressing with the advancements of technology, and so interactive elements are being added to make a more positive user experience – to save the customer time and effort. Think chatbots.

The analytics

Creative content equals greater engagement. Simple.

Content, especially on social media, is shareable, and therefore if you put the thought in, and identify what works best for the audience you want to speak to, you could really begin to see the benefits. More reach, impressions and a potential for more leads and sales.

Did you know that Facebook posts including imagery receives approximately 37% higher engagement versus posts with no images? Or that Tweets produced using images are retweeted on average, 1.5 times more?

Well, now you do. And we bet it’s got you thinking.

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