A day in the life of a Digital Marketing Executive

It’s been two months since I began working for Adventure Digital, and what a two months it’s been! It was always my goal to work in a digital role and to finally be in a position I love is a great feeling.

I knew I wanted to work in Marketing since my first business studies module in sixth form. After this, I studied Business and Marketing at University and focussed my dissertation on social media.

I looked into how the consumer uses social media, and how they are influenced on the platforms. This led to me investigate bloggers and do my own research on how perfectionism plays a major role in presenting ‘the self’.  

This led me to find myself fascinated by the digital side of marketing.

So, what exactly does a Digital Marketing Executive do?

My role varies from day-to-day which is why I love it...

My daily routine involves memes, gifs and plenty of emojis (social media is a large part of my day)!

So far, I’ve been involved with the development of the Adventure Digital social media pages – I run the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Before I joined, Jon (the founder) didn’t have enough time to put into his own pages, so it’s been lovely to see the development of the Adventure Digital brand, and to be a part of it.

I’ve started to manage other client’s social media pages too – Woowoo, a beauty, health and pleasure brand, which I love as their ethos rings true with me, and so creating content comes easy! Their graphics are bright and bold to match their brand personality.

I write blogs on a weekly basis for both Adventure Digital and our clients, which is something I enjoy. Blogs are important for businesses as they establish an online presence, whilst commenting on key topics makes you an expert in your field. They also drive traffic to your website and give new and potential customers an idea about what you’re about.

I’ve undertaken some Google courses to build my knowledge in areas of Digital Marketing like PPC and user experience. I will be doing more of these too!

I’m excited for my future with Adventure Digital. Being a start-up means that I am involved with the growth of the company, which is a rare and unique part of my role. I enjoy finding ways to get the Adventure Digital brand out there – speaking to other businesses who need marketing assistance or looking for local awards that we can attend.

We’ve celebrated our successes in true style with regular gin Friday’s.

We've had a trip to London to meet our client! We’ve even had a team day out shopping for the Adventure Digital office (which we are now in – yay!) … how did Costco and Ikea lead to a giant sandwich from New York Deli though?!

Yes, it did taste as good as it looks!

I love the values of Adventure Digital and having the opportunity to be part of something special is a rare opportunity!

If you'd like to find out more about what we get up to - be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram...

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